About Us

HelpThemRead believes every child is endowed and talented; every child has a seed of greatness that can be harnessed and nurtured through the power of reading. We believe all children, regardless of sex, race, background, religion, and nationalities have the potentials to succeed. Any disparities seen can be attributed to their exposure to good books, assimilation, and usage of the knowledge therein. Impacts of parents, guardian, and regulatory agencies are key in the ultimate development of the child. HelpThemRead hopes bridge the gap nd will help children read, grow and fulfil their potential.

To bridge the gap between African children (including other children in the world with humble background) and students in the developed world where there is high standard Educational facility and support for food reading culture To change the narrative about poor reading attitude of Africans to reading To transform Africa through the power of the mind
There are different intelligence theories by which children can become successful in life. Some educators believe in IQ theory while others believe in multiple intelligence theory (popularized by Howard Gardner. HelpThemRead educators leans more on the latter theory because children may become more successful if given the opportunity to explore or develop every form of their talents. HelpThemRead will not bother with the debates between psychologists and educators in ivory towers about the decade’s long academic question but just move into action. We may change our approach if a more concrete data shows otherwise in the future. For now, HelpThemRead is only interested in getting kids to fall in love with books; and in doing this, develop their intelligence, and if you like discover their essence in life and career. Gardner identified the following areas of intelligences that books recommended by HelpThemRead will be based upon: 1. Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence 2. Visual-Spatial Intelligence 3. Verbal-Linguistics Intelligence 4. Logical-Mathematics Intelligence 5. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence 6. Interpersonal Intelligence 7. Intrapersonal Intelligence 8. Naturalistic Intelligence 9. Existential and Moral Intelligence 10. Teaching and Pedagogical Intelligence Each of the 52 books that will be recommending will aim to develop at least 3 of these intelligences.
HelpThemRead will work very hard through our recommendation, assessments, and other reading supports that any child that uses our application and platform for at least 5 years will have 90% chance of becoming successful in life.