Frequently Asked Questions

HelpThemRead has been designed to be very easy to use, both in terms of the app or website design, and operations. Notwithstanding, please use living documents that contains all questions you may have. If you do not find answers to your question, please send us an email with your questions, and we will provide answers to them as soon as possible. .

Subscription includes access to all books for your children category, unlimited access to lessons and practice questions, access to social connection and many more. We have set up basic, standard and premium. It was setup to help children have access to our platform at affordable fee; HelpThemRead believes social-economic status of parents should not hamper the future of any child.
  • Basic - Monthly (₦1499)
  • Standard - Quarterly (₦4999)
  • Premium - Bi-Annual (₦7499)
  • Pro - Annual (₦15999)
YES and NO! With free plan you can be limited to some books to read and some features will not be shown to show. HelpThemRead works with Gutenberg and other free book libraries where you can get free electronic books that can FREELY download. We encourage you to either print this book or download it to a tablet (with disabled internet). For parents/guardians who can afford paper backs, we also provide links to book retailers where you can find the most affordable form of the book; such that you do not have to shop around.

You can reward your child with either tangible (things you can buy) or intangible rewards (things that do not cost money); it all depends on your financial state and the personality of your child. Example of tangible reward could be: cookie, candy, chocolate bar, lollipop, trip to restaurants, fast foods, etc. Example of intangible reward that could motivate a child to read involves: trip to park, play in backyard, movie night, game night, etc. The key here is identifying what will make your child be motivated to read a given book to completion.

HelpThemRead will be giving prizes to top 3 readers in our countries of operations. Also, we hope to get sponsors at state level. Our goal is to get children to love reading again, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish this task.
It varies from time to time, depending on the size of funds or grants HelpThemRead is able to raise from sponsors. We will publish what prizes will be ahead of time for each state or region.
HelpThemRead will invite you to our Reader’s Celebration Ceremony where you will be given the prizes won by your child. For parents who could not make it, we will use your contact to arrange payments modalities.
Each book has assessments to be taken after a child has read the question. Until a child successfully pass (score 90%) for a given, HelpThemRead will not consider the child to have successfully read the book. The child may read the book as many times as possible until the child score 90% or above.
NO. HelpThemRead discourages parents and guardians from taking the assessment on behalf of their children. Doing so defeats the purpose of tracking the progress of every child. Which in turns undermines the goal of making children develop the habit of reading. Also, HelpThemRead will take measures to ensure integrity of the assessment scores of all children using our services.
Unless your child wins a state, regional or national prize, HelpThemRead will not be publishing their names. All data we publish shall be anonymous. For students who won prizes, we have to publish their names for accountability purpose (to sponsors and regulatory agencies).
Please contact us at about the issue or technicality problem you experienced; we will expeditiously to resolve it as soon as possible.